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Travel Tin - 04. Lys Pur & Rose Blanche

Travel Tin - 04. Lys Pur & Rose Blanche

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Fragrance Guide

[Sheer Lily & White Rose]

Experience the ethereal beauty of sheer lily and white rose, a scent that embodies pure elegance and timeless grace.

In the tranquil embrace of a moonlit garden, sheer lilies and white roses intertwine amidst verdant foliage, their delicate fragrance weaving a tapestry of ethereal beauty that invites wanderers to linger and immerse themselves in the timeless grace of the night.

Top Notes: Bergamot Lemon Peel

Middle Notes: White Rose Lily

Base Notes: Cedar Musk


Wax: Soy Wax
Dimensions: Approx. H 5.2cm, Dia 6.5cm
Weight: Approx. 75g

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